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HSC Result 2016 Get Fast From Your Mobile

In this global village, every individual may be the citizen of the world. The Digital Globe has provided the opportunity to have the world getting within the 5 fingers of the one hand. With this situation all education board desire to publish any consequence of the public evaluation online. It will end up being very interesting that you could get the result sitting in your sweet home of anywhere in the world at the official website. You will get results through SMS system out of your any mobile telephone. The system of havingHSC Result 2016 via mobile is provided below. Follow the steps below and obtain the result:

HSC <space> First 3 letters of the code name of your board <space> your Roll Number <space> 2016 and Send it to 16222.

Example: HSC DHK 12345 2016 and send to 16222. Bangladesh Education Board Code Name DHA = Dhaka Board BAR = Barisal Board SYL = Sylhet Board COM = Comilla Board CHI= Chittagong Board RAJ = Rajshahi Board JES = Jessore   Board DIN= Dinajpur Board MAD = Madrasah Board

How To Get Alim Result 2016

Alim Result 2016 of the Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh is not confirmed by any official, but we assume that it might be published by the 2nd week of August-2016 along with the all other general education boards together. Alim exam also a biggest public examination of Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh which is equivalent to HSC (Higher Secondary School) exam, even it also taken at the same time of general board exams. This exam also conducted from early on April 2016 and last long up to the end of June 2016. Alim exam is comprised of many Islamic subjects that help the student to learn and understand the core value of Islam.

Alim Result 2016: How to Get It?

The world is a global village and every person is the citizen of this world. The digital globe made the opportunity to take the world within the five fingers of your hand. To keep pace with this consequence, our education boards are also becoming digitalized with modern technology like the internet and broadband. They like to reach the result to students as soon as possible through the internet from their official website. They are happy to launch the Alim Result 2016 through their website that students can easily retrieve it quickly.

There are two ways to get your Alim Result 2016. One is through SMS from any mobile/any operator and other one is through the education board’s official website. So, it’s easy to get fast your HSC Result 2016.

Through Mobile SMS:

You can get your Alim Result 2016 examination via your mobile phone through the following way:

The main format is, (write it in your message option)

ALIM <Space> MAD < Space> Your Roll Number <Space> 2016.

For example, ALIM MAD 1478520 2016 and you should send this message to 16222 this number.

Through Official Website:

Actually the Alim Result 2016 first comes at the internet. When the result is published it comes immediately in the official website of Education Board. If you have the opportunity to use the internet then you can access your result faster than mobile SMS and you can get your Mark Sheet as well. The official website of Education Board where you can get the result and mark sheet-  www.educationboard.gov.bd

Possible publishing Date of Alim Result 2016

Now it is turn to know the date of the result to be published. Are you excited to know the date? After completing the Alim examination, most of the students used to studying thoroughly again and or go to coaching classes for preparing to participate in the admission test.

The exams of the Alim were started at the first week of April 2016 and continued up to First week of June 2016, across the country. Alim result generally publishes after two months of completing the exam.

The Alim Result 2016 might be published on 12th August of 2016, but the date is not announced by the Madrasa Education Board or by the education minister. It is our assumption and we are expecting an actual date very soon. If you have any more inquiries about this concern, please contact us, we shall try our best to solve your problem.

HSC Result 2016 All Board Mobile Checking Method

HSC candidates can easily get their result/score through Mobile-SMS. Go to Mobile’s message option then type – HSC/Alim <space> First three letters of Board name <space> Roll no <space> 2016 and send to 16222. For example,Alim<Space>Mad<Space>1234567<Space>2016 send to 16222 Would be:- Alim Mad 1234567 2016 send to 16222 HSC<Space>DHA<Space>1477325<Space>2016 send to16222 Would be:- HSC DHA 1234567 2016 send to 16222HSC<Space>Tec<Space>1234567 <Space>20145send to 16222 Would be:- HSC Tec 1234567 2016 send to 16222

How To Get HSC Result 2016 (Video)

Education Boards Official Website to Get HSC Result 2016

This public examination is known as HSC Examination within our country. No doubt some is going to be happy getting a great result like A+ however, many may be unexpectedly unhappy to obtain lower grades. Another public examination can come after 2 many years if he in existence. Rather, you should attempt your level better to score a good figure within the coming result.

How To Check HSC Result 2016 Through SMS?

Any mobile operating services provide HSC results Bangladesh through mobile SMS. For the result of HSC / Dakhil / Equivalent examination, type- HSC / Alim <space> The first three letters of Education Board <space> Roll Number<Space> Year and send to 16222
HSC Exam result 2016 via reply SMS. Message/SMS charge will only BDT 2 + VAT. SMS can be sent from any mobile operator (Example, Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi, Teletalk & Citycell). To get your result via sms, you have to provide roll number, the code name of the board, year and send sms to 16222. After sent, you’ll receive return message which contains the detailed exam result. To find your board code see them below list.

Bangladesh Education Board Code Name

Get HSC /Alim/Voc Result 2016 From Website

Without mobile SMS, you can also access the HSC results 2016 results, the Board of Education can visit the official website. In fact, you can access the results of public examinations, only to have a complete site.

www.educationboardresults.gov.bd visit and provide your roll number, the name of your board and the year. If you submit required information correctly, then you’ll redirect to Result page & Get your result with details.

How Get Mark Sheet HSC Result 2016

Total 8 (Eight) education boards, 1 (one) Madrasa and 1 (One) Technical education board are conducting the one month long HSC Exam. Its also equivalent Alim & Business Management (BM) examinations 2016.

HSC Vocational Result 2016

HSC Vocational Results 2016 under Technical board will publish on the official website of Bangladesh Technical Education Board. You may ready to get the Bangladesh Technical Education Board Results with Internet, Android Apps and by SMS. Distinctive individuals like diverse framework. Which framework do you like? The Web, Android Apps or SMS! It completely depends up on to you.Let’s check out, HSC Vocational Result 2016 checking systems under Technical Education board.

Mobile/SMS System For HSC Technical Result 2016
HSC <<space>> TEC (1st Three Letters of Technical Education Board) <<space>> Your Roll Number <<space>> 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Online System for HSC (TECHNICAL) Education Board
  • Go to Technical Education Board official website
  • Choose “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” on “Examination
  • Choose “2016” on “Year
  • Select “Technical” on “Board
  • Put your “Roll Number” on “Roll
  • Fill the Captcha Code
  • Finally, check again & press “Submit” to get your Result.

The training boards in Bangladesh tend to be Dhaka Education Panel, Rajshahi Education Panel, Chittagong Education Panel, Jessore Education Panel, Barishal Education Panel, Sylhet Education Panel, Dinajpur Education Panel, Comilla Education Panel, Bangladesh Madrasah Training Board and Bangladesh Specialized education Board.

The training ministry approved the actual examination routine delivered to the inter-education panel.the actual ministry in its annual plan introduced April 1 with regard to beginning the examinations, as like this past year.The Board capital said the day was pressed back again from five times taking the long-lasting World Cup as well as public holiday into financial credit. As according since the habit, the written examinations from the HSC and its corresponding Business management and Alim may continue until Might 31. After that Practical examination is going to be held. The exam routine can be obtained on the Dhaka Training Board website: www. dhakaeducationboard. gov. bd

HSC Result 2016 Chittagong Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] CHI (1st Three Letters of Chittagong Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number [space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC CHI 2365897 2016 & Send 16222

HSC Result 2016 Comilla Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] COM (1st Three Letters of Comilla Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number[space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC COM 5432169 2016 & Send 16222

HSC Result 2016 Jessore Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] JES (1st Three Letters of Jessore Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number[space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC JES 9863257 2016 & Send 16222

HSC Result 2016 Sylhet Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] SYL (1st Three Letters of Sylhet Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number[space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC SYL 7956321 2016 & Send 16222

HSC Result 2016 Dinajpur Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] DIN (1st Three Letters of Dinajpur Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number[space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC DIN 7631985 2016 & Send 16222

HSC Result 2016 Rajshahi Board

Mobile/SMS System:
HSC [space] RAJ (1st Three Letters of Rajshahi Education Board) [space] Your Roll Number[space] 2016 and Send to 16222 from any Mobile Operator.
Example: HSC RAJ 1168973 2016 & Send 16222
Finally, Review details information & press “Submit” to get your HSC Result.

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